Precise weapons of proven brands 


Looking for a pistol or static turret revolver? With us you are spoiled for choice. We offer you handguns of all leading manufacturers – from the classic revolver from Smith & Wesson to famous brands like Glock, SIG Sauer and Heckler and Koch. In addition, we are responsible for the exclusive distribution of pistols of the Swiss brand Sphinx. In addition, we sell high quality airsoft and air guns from GSG, German Sport Guns.


Just as numerous as the brand names is the range of calibers, which ranges from all common small-caliber to Smith & Wesson 500.
You are looking for a precise weapon for your sport?


We recommend shooters to read first the requirements for weapons of the respective shooting sport discipline. The shooting sports federations BDS, BDMP and DSB inform on their web pages about the regulations for the respective shooting sports disciplines. In addition, the possibilities of your club and the facilities in the area limit the choice.


You want a weapon that gives you freedom of choice? In contrast to revolvers, it is possible for self-loading pistols to change a barrel or the entire upper part including slide. In this way it is even possible to reduce the caliber.


In addition to the weapons you will find the right ammunition and accessories. You have questions? Write us an E-Mail to info@schroeder-ohg.de. We are happy to advise you.