Precise weapons of proven brands 


You finally want to buy your own rifle? Or you are looking for a long gun to complete your collection?
Here you will find a large selection of long guns from well-known brands in the following versions:


  •  rimfire rifles
  •  large-caliber guns
  •  Zimmerstutzen
  •  muzzle loader


In addition, we also sell airsoft and air rifles from GSG, German Sport Guns.


Concentration and body control are the qualities that shooters need to prove with long guns. Only a good condition gives you the peace of mind to gently serve the trigger and direct the bullet into the black.


Precision is the strength of the rifles. Therefore, the distances in the shooting sports disciplines are greater.


Before you make your shortlist, it is advisable to study the rules. The respective shooting sports associations describe exactly what requirements the weapons have to fulfill for a discipline. You can find the regulations on the website of the association.


We deliver all common types of rifles, including ammunition and accessories. Maintenance and tuning are also part of our offer.
If you have questions, we are happy to advise you. You can send us an e-mail to the following address info@schroeder-ohg.de.