We carry ammunition for all common calibers.


Ammunition for shooting sports is primarily about precision. Therefore, the bullets for sports ammunition are long and slim to provide low air resistance.


Here you will find a huge selection of ammunition, some of which was specially developed for shooting sports – from inexpensive balls for training to high-precision cartridges for competitions.


The caliber is given either in millimeters or inches, where inch is always a decimal. The spelling for customs corresponds to Anglo-American rules. This means that instead of a comma, a point marks the area that is less than zero.


In the customs system, different sleeve lengths and ballistic properties can also be expressed by the caliber specifications. Weak pistol ammunition of 6.35 mm caliber carries the designation .25, while a strong rifle cartridge is called .250.


For Revolver cartridges .357 and .38 have the same diameter. However, the .357 is a strong magnum cartridge. .38 caliber weapons are not allowed to fire these ammunition.


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