All-round service for marksmen is the business in which we have been successfully operating since 1999. Since we founded our company, we employ the same gunmaker master.


We hired him because, like us, he is a gun enthusiast. He also has a sound education. In the meantime, he has gained a huge amount of experience in the workshop.


Thus, we are able to offer you all the repair and tuning work on weapons. The following list is only a small insight into the capabilities of our gunsmith:


  • All repairs to new and used weapons
  • Surface treatments, such as blackening or matting
  • Construction of target devices such as micrometer sights and luminous grains
  • Checking the precision of a weapon
  • Change the barrel and slide


You want to send us your weapon? In this case, we need a reservation at Please send weapons only after coordination with the addition of a WBK copy.