About us

How it all started and a little history – from passion to business

After a shooting event and a trip to the beautiful Swiss Oberland we were so convinced of the quality and the manufacturing of the Sphinx pistol that we offered the then founder and owner of Sphinx Systems Ltd, Mr. Armin Landolt, to take over the sole representation for Germany. A short time later we signed the contract.

At the end of 1999, together with my friend and partner Thomas, I successfully passed the examination for specialized knowledge in arms trading at the IHK in Frankfurt. In the same year we received the arms trade license and opened our new business premises in Nidderau.

Thomas is equal partner and co-managing director of SCHRÖDER OHG.

For various reasons we have changed the location of our premises several times in the past. From 08.08.22 this is located in Heusenstamm in the II. floor of the Schießsport Center, which also gives the opportunity to test the weapons.

After the unfortunate end of Sphinx Systems AG, Armin Landolt did not throw in the towel and used all his experience, knowledge and skills as well as his irrepressible will to develop and launch a new portfolio of first-class pistols under the company Phoenix AG.

The distribution of the Sphinx pistols in Germany has been discontinued in the meantime, but we are still available with service and possibly necessary spare parts.

We are very glad and happy to be allowed to enter the distribution of Phoenix pistols in Germany. The website is currently being revised accordingly. More details soon.

For training and events we can rely on the support of long-time and successful, active shooters who are also nationally and internationally active as shooting instructors and IPSC range officers.

What you can expect from us.

  • Competence – benefit from our expertise and experience
  • Reliability – we are there for you
  • Commitment – we always give our best

Who is behind the SCHRÖDER OHG?

Wolfgang Schröder, foreign trade management assistant AfW, born 1954, married, 3 children

Thomas Schilling, industrial management assistant, born 1964, 1 child


Personal Thomas Schilling

Trained industrial management assistant, 1 child

Hobbies: sport shooting, motorcycling

My life as a sport shooter began in 1992 on the classical way in the DSB over air pressure weapons and small caliber shooting. However, I quickly became active in other associations and also became club chairman as early as 1994 and have held this position without interruption to this day.

As a sport shooter my passion was and still is the dynamic disciplines and therefore I also became an IPSC shooter in 1995. I shoot almost all offered disciplines with handguns, rifles and shotguns in the standard program as well as in IPSC.

Over the years, I have won more than 200 titles as national and German champion with correspondingly many other placements on the 2nd and 3rd places of many championships. In IPSC alone, I have completed over 250 matches as a shooter to date.

As an association official, I have been active for over 20 years in the functions of National IPSC Sports Director and Training Director for the BDS. This includes taking the IPSC license exams with over 1,800 examinees to date. In the field of IPSC I have the rank of national range master.

Professionally, I completed an apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant and then worked in various areas of a large corporation, most recently as Service Manager Germany for the dental sector.

In 1995, I started my own business as a merchant and then, together with my friend and partner Wolfgang Schröder, I successfully passed the specialist examination for the arms trade in 1999.

Since the year 2000 we are then together in the weapon trade active. In the field of security we also offer services and for this reason I am also a weapons carrier since 2001. My current professional profile is completed by the activity as a shooting instructor and as a state-approved expert examiner.

Personal Wolfgang Schröder

Foreign trade management assistant AfW, married, 3 children

Hobbies: sport shooting, traveling

As an enthusiastic sport shooter I was very active and successful for many years in the different disciplines of the BDS (incl. IPSC) and the BDMP with both short and long guns, not only as a shooter but also as a range officer and reloader in many calibers.

As a salesman I was active in more than 20 years on uncounted fairs like e.g. IWA, Shot Show, Milipol, IDEX, DSA for different manufacturers. And therefore I was / I am always up to date concerning the world of weapons and accessories.

For the past 11 years I have been working full-time as a salesman and in administration for various companies in the defense sector in different countries and areas. My language skills (English, Spanish, Croatian, French) were of great benefit to me. Very exciting for me were the partly deep insights into technical areas, which I could gain (production of weapons and systems, defense and rescue equipment, pyrotechnics, electronics).

At present, I am again much more active than before with the further development of SCHRÖDER OHG.