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Phoenix Team D

We are very proud to be the German team of the new gun manufacturer PHX Phoenix AG from Switzerland to present the sporting guns.
(Text and pictures taken with permission of the Phoenix team from their website https://www.phx-ipsc.team/)


Olaf van Essen

Year of birth: 1965
Club: PPSC Ludwigshafen e.V.
National association: LV5
IPSC shooter since: 2002

Olaf was born on 04.11.1965 in Wegberg. He works as a system engineer in the IT department of a large chemical company.

He is married and has three children.

At the age of 16 Olaf started his shooting career with the air pistol at the local shooting club. In the years that followed, he won numerous state and German championship titles with various large-caliber weapons in static disciplines at the German shooting sports associations BDS and DSU.
In 2002, he discovered his love for IPSC shooting and has always been a member of the German national team at European and World Championships in the Production Division for several years.

Mathias Henking

Year of birth: 1972
Club: BANG e.V.
National association: LV2 / LV3
IPSC shooter since: 2001

Mathias was born on 26.01.1972 in Stolzenau (district Nienburg/Weser). He is married and has two sons. After his education as a state-certified business assistant, specializing in information technology and a military training as a reserve officer, he began his professional career as a technical consultant and since 2010 as an IT project manager.

Mathias started shooting at a young age in the local shooting club where he learned the necessary precision and technique with air rifle, air pistol and small bore rifle.

Since 2000 Mathias is addicted to IPSC shooting and already in 2004 he was accepted into the German Tanfoglio Open Team. Several years followed in the demanding Modified class until he joined the Tanfoglio Team Germany in 2014 in the Production class.

Robert Koch

Year of birth: 1971
National association: LV1
IPSC shooter since: 1994

Olaf was born on 04.11.1965 in Wegberg. He works as a system engineer in the IT department of a large chemical company.

Robert saw the light of day on November 10, 1971 in West Berlin. His first profession was already predetermined for him, as a regular soldier in the German Armed Forces. Dynamic shooting quickly became his hobbyhorse and he created new training concepts for his subunit.

In 1995, after serving for several years as a paratrooper commando soldier, he joined the Berlin Police. Also since 1995 “Rob” was active in shooting sports. There the virus “IPSC” seized him from the beginning. With the introduction of the Production class, he was able to officiate until today, almost without interruption, the title of national champion.

He shoots not only nationally well placed but also in neighboring countries. In 2013 he was a member of the German National Team Production to the European Championship in Portugal and 2014 in the National Team Production to the World Championship in the USA.

In addition to shooting, Robert not only holds a valid hunting license but also instructs young hunters in the use of hunting weapons and hunting conservation. Another passion is defensive shooting with short and long guns. Including the creation and implementation of official concepts.

André Ksycki

Year of birth: 1972
Club: GKS Quickborn e.V.
National association: LV2
IPSC shooter since: 1994

On 29.11.1976 Andre saw the light of the big wide world in Hamburg-Rissen. At the age of 12, he was finally allowed to participate in shooting sports. After long years at air rifle and air pistol and leadership of the
Youth group in the club, the way to the large caliber was taken.

He did his military service as a reconnaissance officer. Andre completed an apprenticeship as a chemical worker,
in which he is still active.

He is married and has a daughter.

In 2001 he passed the SURT and was captivated by the dynamic discipline. In the following years were
national and international competitions were contested. Nevertheless, the roots were never forgotten and annually participated in
Club/Country Championships in the precision disciplines participated.

After starting time in Hawkersports Team over HPS Custom Guns Team, the way to Tanfoglio was found.

– EM IPSC Tabor CZ in the Standard Class
– WM IPSC Bali in the Production Class
– EM IPSC in Serbia in the Modified Class Team Germany .
– WM IPSC in Greece Modified .
– EM Portugal Production Team Germany with Tanfoglio Stock III.

Furthermore, the challenge also lies in hunting, due to a hunting ground on the doorstep.