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PHX Phoenix AG

PHX Phoenix AG is a Swiss gun manufacturer specializing in high quality large caliber pistols. With a wide range of products and sophisticated technology, Phoenix AG combines first-class manufacturing with a pleasing weapon look. The company employs highly specialized and dedicated staff who combine many years of experience with the latest technologies, materials and machines. Phoenix AG is deeply rooted in sport shooting and incorporates recommendations from top shooters into the development.


Uncompromising quality from Swiss production!

The Phoenix Fusion is a tactical pistol that has been engineered and refined to the highest level. It is precise, absolutely reliable and easy to use.


Uncompromising quality from Swiss production!

The Predator pistol convinces with an outstanding shooting performance and precision that impresses even experienced shooters. Every detail has been carefully crafted to ensure a high quality finish.


Uncompromising quality from Swiss production!

The Phoenix Redback is not only technically impressive, but also visually appealing. Its design is modern and elegant, the attachments are available in 5 different colors so that you can customize your pistol. This pistol will not only impress you with its performance but also with its looks.


Uncompromising quality from Swiss production!

The Phoenix Drake is a weapon for demanding shooters who rely on the highest precision and reliability. With this model you will take your shooting performance to a new level. Order the Phoenix Drake now and see its performance for yourself!


Uncompromising quality from Swiss production!

The Phoenix Raptor Race Gun is the perfect choice for all IPSC shooters looking for a precision weapon in the open division that is characterized by its high performance and reliability. With its SA only trigger, the compensator and the Trijicon SRO reflex sight, the Raptor Race Gun is able to fire precise and fast shots even over long distances.



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