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Details that make the difference

In a competition, the concern with details is extremely important for the good performance of the Practical Shooting athlete. Thinking of it, the GR belt was developed.

With an inner steel frame lined with nylon, the equipment provides less weight, volume and more comfort to the athlete. This structure supports the weight of the pistol, magazine pouches and accessories, guaranteeing stability when draw the weapon and assuring to the athlete the best possible performance.

The GR Holsters (Pistol, Revolver and NEO) and GR Magazine Pouches (Standard, Frontal and Lateral) can be easily attached or removed from the belt, maintaining all adjustments and positions. This feature allows the shooter to bin the equipment with ease, taking up less space in the GR FDS Backpack.

In addition the outer belt can be loose for easy removal and transport in the GR FDS Backpack.

The belt assembly is composed of:

  • External Belt
  • Inner Belt
  • Buckle

Important! How to choose the correct size of your belt

Measure your waist – Do not trust the size of your pants! Measure your waist where the belt will fit and write the number down.

Select Size – Use the chart below to select the right belt size for you;

InchesCentímetrosGR Belt
30′ to 32′76cm a 84cm100′
34′ to 36′85cm a 94cm110′
38′ to 40′95cm a 104cm120′
42′ to 44′105cm a 114cm130′
46′ to 48′115cm a 124cm140′
50′ to 52′125cm a 134cm150′


Detailed data:

  • Material: nylon coated lightweight steel inner frame

Black, Black with yellow

Belt length

100 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm, 130 cm, 140 cm, 150 cm, 90 cm