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NEO Universal Closed Holster Tactical Hanger

All the versatility and quality that you already know in IPSC is now with you in IDSC, and all this with a Lifetime Warranty*.

Adjustable to any pistol also for defensive shooting.

Launched at the Rio de Janeiro State TDT Championship Finals in November 2021, the NEO GR Universal Closed Holster Tactical Hanger is the latest GR innovation to meet the requests of defensive shooting athletes.

How it Works:

Its operation is identical to the NEO Universal Closed Holster, where with just two screws you can adapt the holster to any pistol available on the market, its difference is in the Tactical Hanger, specially developed by experts and tested by athletes, to meet the standards of the sport and safety.

With the NEO Universal Closed Holster Tactical Hanger, you can adjust the best position of the holster on your belt, in order to comfortably extract the best performance in competitions.


Black, Blue, Gray, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow


Left handed, Right handed