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TheGR Bermuda Shorts Challengecame with the same concept of the challenge shirt. The idea of this product is helping the athlete to get a better performance and staying comfort during the exercise. Its important to mention that this product is not for IPSC/USPSA. This Bermuda shortdoes nothave a beltline on it. The idea is to use this product for running, cross-fit, tennis, and every sport that needs a light and comfortable Bermuda short.


100% Polyester


width xheightsizewidth xheight in inch
42cm(elastic) x49cmS16,53(elastic) x19,29
46cm(elastic) x51cmM18,11(elastic) x20,07
50cm(elastic) x53cmL19,68(elastic) x20,86
54cm(elastic) x55cmXL21,25(elastic) x21,65
62cm(elastic) x67cmXXL24,40(elastic) x26,37

S, M, L, XL, XXL