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TheIPSC Bermuda Shortswas specially developed to IPSC/USPSA pratice.

Containing the spacers and a SUPER technological velcro that allows you to not use the underbelt, only the over belt applying it direct in the bermuda, making it really comfortable to face the challenges of each stage! Extremely elastic, it fits the athletes needs, never preventing any movement!

Get yours and dont worry anymore of losing the underbelt or not doing a position because of your outfit, one of the exclusive clothes developed specially for IPSC and the only one with lifetime warranty!



width xheightsizewidth xheight in inch
38cm x49cmS14,96 x19,29
42cm x50cmM16,53 x19,68
46cm x51cmL18,11 x20,07
49cm x52cmXL19,29 x20,47
52cm x53cmXXL20,47 x20,86

S, M, L, XL, XXL