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Speed and security

The GR Lateral Magnetic Pouch has the strength, durability and quality that Guga Ribas offers in all of its products and like the GR Universal Pistol Holster and the GR Magazine Pouch, this product is also universal.

On the one hand, this model differs in the speed of handling the magazine pouch thanks to the magnet made of neodymium and iron boron, which guarantees a strong attraction. In addition, the magnetic part ensures that the charger can be put on and taken off easily and quickly, while being firm and safe from falling. It carries up to two full chargers can be fitted with a single GR Magnetic Carrier.

Possible customization or replacement with the version of the side magnetic charging port;

Similar to the GR Magnetic Pouch, this product can also be unfastened and removed from the belt, simplifying the transport and storage of equipment and providing more convenience for the shooter. It detaches and stores in seconds, taking up less space on the GR backpack.


Black, Blue, Gray, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow