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Practical and easy to carry

Designed by Augusto Ribas to meet all the demands of the Practical Shooting athlete theGR Unique Backpackmakes it easy to carry all your shooting equipment, such as: ammunition boxes, two pistols stored in the GR Ammo Handi-Carrier, GR Universal Holster for (Pistol or Revolver), GR Auricular Protector Shothunt/GR, GR Magnetic Pouch, GR Belt and other accessories important for a full day of competition, the backpack supports large loads in perfect balance and leaving the hands free.

TheGR Unique Backpackis made of waterproof fabric with a breathable coating on the back and shoulders. It is comfortable and resistant, as well as offering several compartments and divisions to meet the snipers personal needs. Other details required for the competition routine were also contemplated: a rubberized internal pouch with independent access to personal documents and tournament summaries, as well as a special compartment to store the pistols and double pockets (internal and external) for empty or small capsules accessories.

TheGR Unique Backpackcan also be used on a day of leisure, on a boat trip, at the campsite or for a picnic. It is a product made to facilitate the transport of heavy equipment and that need special care, in an organized and safe way.


Black, Black with yellow