Universal Holster for Pistol


  • Universality: the only adjustable holster for all practical pistols on the market.
  • Customizable: the product is ambidextrous and allows adjustment of height and angle for the best performance of the athlete.
  • Innovative design ensures maximum quality, durability and safety.
  • Simple uncoupling of the handle, facilitating the transport and guard of the equipment.
  • Interchangeable with NEO Universal Closed Holster
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The world’s only universal holster!

Now you can buy a holster that works with all your pistols, the Universal Holster for Pistol is the union of versatility, speed, qualityand safety.

It works with STI2011, SV, Glocks, M & P, XD, Tanfoglio, CZ, HK, Walther, FNH, SIG and others.

This product guarantees the best performance for the athlete because it allows adjustments for left and right handed, adjustment of angle and pressure of the draw, of height and you can also count on safe locks that guarantees that the equipment does not fall during practice or during competitions with high levels of movement.

Another differential of the Holster is that it can be disconnected from the handle and removed from the belt without losing any settings (including the position of the holster on the belt), simplifying the transport of the equipment and providing greater convenience to the shooter. In a few seconds it is possible to disassemble and save it, taking up less space in the Backpack.

The holster was developed with high performance Polymer that guarantees lower weight and higher resistance, equivalent to conventional materials.

How it works:

Through the proper regulation of your pistol model you can have a perfectly shaped holster for you.

After adjusting it to your pistol, the holster secures the weapon with an active and a passive lock. The passive lock is activated automatically when the gun is placed in the holster, and releases without interfering with the service of the weapon.


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Left handed, Right handed

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